Friday, December 14, 2007

Don't Be a Meance to West Hollywood While Drinking Your VLOG in the Hood

Since expanding my daily pursuit of weirdohood from just typing words to also editing videos, I've found that video-editing is Just the Thing To Do when I'm tired from a long day of writing/having important groundbreaking thoughts/playing Legos. So that's what I did tonight ... I'm still working on the Year in Review.

Last night Haviland sang in this opera-ish french art-related thing, she was great, I 100% paid attention to all her parts and thought: "Wow, Haviland is great!" It's good to have talented friends, otherwise it can be awkward after their performances to say "You're great," if they're not. Then afterwards we went to a restaurant with reclining comfy chairs for a cast party hooha of some sort. These kind servers could tell we were hungry, esp. Natalie and I, and kept bringing us miniature precisely shaped foods, like mini ceasar salads and these shrimp-on-a-stick-amajabbers. I kept accidentally sticking the stick into my mouth which hurt. Other than that though, it was a really good dinner. I find if someone's bold enough to claim they've fit an entire salad on a palm-sized pastry puff (like a salad for a doll), they usually know what they're doing with the salad itself. I learned this last night. What did you learn last night? Anything? I learned that Heather didn't win America's Next Top Model, but she's Cover Girl of the Week still, which's great, I love Cover Girl eyeliner.

Anyhow, who's excited for Season Five of The L Word? I feel a little bored of it already. Hm. We all realise it's totally not even about the show anymore, right? I mean, it's amazing. Maybe Ilene Chaiken IS a genius. Maybe her genius is precisely that she annoys us all so much that we can't tear our snarky eyes away. It's not as much fun to recap a good show, like I wouldn't want to recap Six Feet Under or West Wing, the two best shows I've ever seen.

Okey dokey, here's a video! We have some outtakes from 'L Word' dramatic readings, but mostly it's just us fucking around. Think of it as a mini-quesadilla for your soul.


Mercury said...

I LOVE having talented friends. That's what I miss about IAA the most. Everyone I knew was just like, AMAZING. I'd watch them do things and be like, wow, he/she is really, really good at that, that blows my mind, how do these young souls get so TALENTED? it was like, trippy.

WOOOT, first comment. That's really the point of this, fyi, that and the word veri game:

oopfsk. its like "oops" plus "fuck" and then spliced together a little. that is going to be my new exclamatory term. like reverse out of spot into waiting car, exclaim "OOPFSK!" problem: how the hell do you pronounce that?

riese said...

Look, first comment! this is totally old school style now ... I'll just have a convo with merc on the comments, maybe Ingrid or Hav will join in. Oh, hahahaha.

You pronounce "oopsfsk!" all at once like "obvs."

But yes: that's one of the things I loved about IAA and one of the reasons I keep those people near and dear to me. More or less ... it was effin trippy. I guess you're really dedicated to your art if you're willing to ship off to the woods to pursue it. Possibly. Or I guess they could have a good audition system, that's always a strong likelihood. That'd be an easy answer, i prefer to overanalyse.

Irish and Jew said...

Regarding Syrup... Is it "sear-up" or "sir-up"?!?!

Happppppy Friday.

it's the jeans said...

first of all i love the alone moments, riese. i also love haviland's scarf get up. very classy. ovbs.

really i'm just full of love today. however, i do not have love for peanut butter cheese crackers. peanut butter lightly toasted butter crackers, yes. but cheese crackers? bleh!

caitt said...

i didn't know i hated peanut butter, totally learned something about myself watching this, which is good cause you're supposed to learn something new everyday right? right. i hope you didn't look at the nerve shopping guide too closely cause i got your present from there cause everyone needs a garland pendant light..

also if you watch closely to the kitchen scenes you can see the progression of the coke cans towards the front of the fridge.. hmmm

cute shirt

Lozo said...

i got so pissed at the 3-minute mark. here i am, preparing to leave a "haviland looks like elaine benes" joke, and you guys already noticed it. damn it. whatever. i'm still leaving my comment.

haviland, ever yada yada'd sex?

still, i enjoyed haviland's christopher walken impression. at least i think that's what she was doing.

riese said...

Irish and Jew: I'd say "sear-up," because I am Midwestern, and sometimes it shows.

it's the jeans: Sometimes when haviland isn't here, I like to put on the boa, which she left here, and dance around the room singing "Mama who Bore Me," true story. Also; we liked the toast & pb once upon a time too ... but the cheese&pb crackers are not to be pissed.

cait: I am so glad that you learned something new about yourself from watching this!! To be fair, it was a convo about Nature's Valley and how I'd given a PB bar to a homeless guy and how that was my favorite flavor and I shoulda given him Apple Spice. If only we'd had the coke can explosion on tape, that'd be real DVD extras.

Lozo: I hate it when someone gets to my joke before I do. For that reason, I'm not sharing this GREAT t-shirt idea I just had, based on a particular element of your comment ...

a;ex said...

watching this for a seconde time...

"and LOEHMANNS!" was one of my favorite things (as well as raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...)

Elaine from Seinfeld is my hero (and the wind beneath my wings, obvs)

You guys, the use of the fan is getting out of control and obnoxious. Keep it up!
(No song reference here... sorry.)

Jo said...

speaking of t-shirts, the one you're wearing in this is kind awesome. As was this entire thing, really.

Ryan said...

A couple of things ladies. One, You and Haviland need to carry fans at all times. Fan time is my favorite part of the blog. Also, Two, pulling Riese away when she groped at the camera...hilarious and I almost wish Haviland didn't do it because much more fun could've come from it. I'm rambling. Love you all and miss you!

Ryan said...

P.S. When I said blog, I meant vlog. I'm obvs a bit drunk since getting swung at a 90 year old man at work. That's a whole other story.

carlytron said...

I can't believe "oil of olay" has yet to make it onto one of these. This was brill, as per usual.

Anonymous said...

Your blogs amaze me thanx for writing them....

Haviland Stillwell said...

Lozo - walken? huh? i only yada'd with you, baby.

Ryan - i will never again pull riese away from the, that sounds like an experiment.

a;ex - i LOVE Loehmann's! Actually, I don't...I never have found anything that fits me there, since, erm, circa '97, when I used to buy a lot of business suits...(srsly, i owned like 6 suits...don't ask...)

OMG word verf: dwink!!! i don't drink, but i am quite the winker...amaz.

Lozo said...

haviecakes -- at about the 1:50 mark. you...pause, when you, talk, real...quick.

maybe you're doing shatner? i'm sure it's some L Word joke i don't get.

riese said...

a;ex: I'd like to add "seconde time" to the lexicon starting now. It's like one drunken evening, you changed the whole language. She's Like the Wind. That would have been a perfect place for "She's Like the Wind."

jo: Thanksss!! It was a gift from Cait's Mom, who saw it and thought of me and my cute little blog. It's so soft, it feels like a bunny.

ryan: It would be cool if by "carry fans" you meant fans like "fans," like people-who-are-our-fans, and we got to carry them around, like on our backs. The best part of that part where I'm poking the camera is that I look 100 years old ... and am, clearly, a bit stoned.

carlytron: Sometimes ... I accidentally delete important clips while editing and then they are gone forever. This has happened to many brill moments.

anonymous: thank you for reading them.

haviland: I actually DO love Loehmann's. For the record. If anyone wants to get me a Loehmann's gift card for xmas, go for it, I'm totally down.

lozo: I also don't know what you're talking about -- around the 1:50 mark she does Mark from TLW and then Helena from TLW. And then the guy from The Deer Hunter. JK about the Deer Hunter.

asher said...

i assume you've seen this already, but there's another l word teaser about the upcoming season on ourchart today. and they promise lots and lots of sex.

so, we shall see. i hope.

word verification = ylextx
"why let's text!"

Anonymous said...

Best entertainment I've had all day. And I say again, Haviland is hot.

Haviland Stillwell said...

anonymous, why do you tease me so? come out, come out, wherever you are...

also, you're all in for SUCH a vlogging treat this week!


it's the jeans said...

so i printed out your blog on dream jobs recently because i was in the middle of reading it and on my way out the door, figured i'd finish it on a break at work or something. anyway, i can't read anything without underlining the hell out of it and jotting down little notes all over the place. on my dinner break at the lovely barnes and noble i was doing just that to your blog. when my break was up a high school kid came over to me and commended me on my diligence. he thought i was studying for finals. haha. what dedicated fans you have! apparently i would ace a multiple choice, short answer, and essay exam re your past year. just a random story i thought i'd share. take care.

word ver: rzidrn
ride ze train
as in- come on train, it's the choo choo train. if you feel like dancin' come on!

Anonymous said...

You guys make me laugh.

You make those VLOGS with iMovie??

I'm on the Haviland is hot train, too.

Gimme more season 5 parody, there's a new promo out!