Thursday, July 30, 2009

Haviland Answers Your Questions Too!

hello inquisitors! i will continue to answer all of your questions that you asked me (and are continuing to ask me) here on this blog post here! I think I have like 50 more to go? I tend to make progress the most late at night/while intoxicated. Anyhow in the meantime, Haviland accepted your questions and here they are, with her lovely lovely answers!
Thank you so much for writing in, baby birds! For more incredible insight and brilliance, (LOL really), you can check my website (we're still working on the news feed and blog, but it should all be up and at 'em soon) and my facebook and twitter.

1.Was the first job you got out of school Fiddler or did you have to go to a bunch of tedious open-calls before you landed that one?
I have worked as an actor since I was 9 years old, and worked through college, as well. But, as far as after graduating, I did a show in Pittsburgh, THE MIKADO, just before starting FIDDLER.

2.Are you primarily interested in doing film and television now or are you still auditioning theatre?
All of the above!

3. Did you get an agent before or after booking Fiddler?

4. Ever thought of doing a masterclass or private coachings when you are visiting in New York? I bet you would have a bunch of crazed girls clamoring to pay you haha.

I do teach, and I love it, wherever there is time and interest.

FROM maggie:

1) Superficial timewaster of a question that I also asked Riese -- I was wondering if you would tell me what your skincare regimen is? What products do you use w/r/t makeup/hair? do you have any makeup tips etc. Spare no detail, I want your eye-make up application skills and flawless skin!

Thank you! It's all smoke and mirrors. Everyone's skin is different, and requires a different regimen. If you're having trouble with yours, you should see a dermatologist or an endocrinologist, because you may have a condition that causes hormone imbalance. That said, some of the products I use: oil free facewash, MD Formulations products with benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid, moisturizer (with SPF for daytime). On the west coast, you have to moisturize more because of the dry climate. The humidity on the east coast is lovely for the skin. I never sleep without removing all make-up. Make-up wise, nothing with oil and I really enjoy lip gloss and eye liner, but that's just for fun.

2) How do you deal with the disbelief/doubt of others regarding your sexuality? I'm told I'm very 'straight-looking' and resent people questioning me. I was wondering how you get people to accept you as a lesbian and a girly girl?
I try not to worry about that. When other gays tell me i'm "straight looking," I feel sad for them, because it reflects a homophobic feeling that they have. And if they are straight saying that, I gently educate them to not say things like that. I don't think people mean to be as offensive as they sound when they say that. It takes a lot of energy, though, on your part. You can make a joke about it, as I often do. As we all know now, there are many "types" of gay girls. What does it all mean anyway, you know? I accept myself, and have fun deciding what I want to look like that day. I guess the #1 thing is to respect yourself, and hope that others do the same.

3) Can you tell your coming out story?
It's a long one! But the jist is it was a long time ago, and it all turned out well in the end.

4) Why don't you drink alcohol?
I don't like the way it tastes, makes me feel, or gives licence to others to be dumb, annoying and irresponsible.

5) Do you think it's much harder to have a good social life without drinking alcohol?
Not at all.

6) Do you experience a lot of peer pressure to drink when out?
Not anymore!

5) These questions were asked to Riese but I would love to hear your views on them:

i) Coraline asked: It would be great to live in a world where it was ok to be a girl and eat whatever you like and still get laid, people argue that we should, but in many cases this is just theoretical-- everyone food restricts, no matter what their feminist position is. No-one wants to look like Beth Ditto, refreshing as I find her attitude. How do you think, as women, we can overcome this?

I think you should eat whatever you want, but also take care of yourself and your health. It's incredibly hot to be healthy and treat yourself well. Food restricting and bingeing are both really bad news for the long term care of your body and brain. I suggest encouraging everyone around you to love their bodies, and don't EVER talk negatively about another woman's body. We absolutely must celebrate and support each other. Eat healthy food that is going to make you a better, stronger woman, and without being preachy (too late?), live by example.

ii) Anonymous asked: What are the least destructive ways to improve your mood?

Walk it off, watch a funny movie, call your best friend, play dress up, do something silly and creative.

iii)Anonymous asked: what gets you out of bed in the morning when the world can seem so bad?
Hunger to make it better. And, you know, life.

iv) Should you hang out with people you don't particularly connect with just to kill time and 'have friends' you could point to if asked? :(
I'd much rather hang out with myself than spend time with people I don't like. Howevs, sometimes the people you don't connect with can lead you to people you do, so I guess it's case by case.


from BREN:
What are the best/worst qualities about both LA and NYC? Do you prefer one to the other?

I love them both!

NYC Best: the pounding, fast, pressure-filled energy and craziness to get everything done...yesterday (all caps.)

Worst: Same.

LA Best: the chill, sunny, pressure-filled energy and craziness to get everything done...whenever you can get everyone to get to it.

Worst: Same.

Having lived in relatively liberal cities like LA and NYC would you ever move back to the South?
It would all depend on work. I live where I live because of the entertainment industry, and that's where my life is.

from Jordan:

1. what ethnicity are you? (aka-how'd you get so pretty?)
Aw thanks! I "got so pretty" bc you believe I am! I'm Southern, and by that I mean English, German, Norwegian, Czech, and a little French.

2. how old were you when you came out?
It was a process btwn 13-18.

3. if you could collaborate with one musician who would it be?
Probs The Divine Miss M, let's be honest. This is a funny answer for a couple of reasons.

4. ever thought about speaking at colleges?
Yes, and have done so at a few colleges and high schools.


from Hannah:

Do you feel frustration with closeted celebrities who could fight homophobia through honesty?
Yes, but I think everyone has their own stuff to work through. It keeps getting a little easier, it seems. We have to keep opening doors and welcoming.

Do you think being out yourself has harmed your career?
In some ways, I think the opposite is true, actually!

I just bought a new ipod- can you recommend any good songs?
Comfort by Kristy Hanson
Love to Stay by Altered Images
Off the Wall by MJ
Regulate by Warren G

from Anonymous:

I feel like so many young women I know, despite expressing feminist sentiments, are really anxious to disassociate themselves from identifying as a ‘feminist’ because they mistakenly equate it with ‘man-hating’ and a reluctance to shave legs. I was wondering what feminism means to you and what you think can be done to change peoples minds?
I agree with you that the label of "feminist" is loaded with unnecessary BS. The definition of "feminism" is "the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men." I think the answer to the inaccurate definition some people have of feminism, as in most things in life, is education. Tell people what "feminism" means. Most people won't disagree with women being equal to men. We don't want special treatment, we want EQUAL treatment. Other women hating on the word doesn't help us, so tell your friends. The label isn't really important, but I think it points to an interesting self-loathing that really depresses me. So, like I've been saying in every response to almost every question I've gotten, gently educate people and live by example.

I loved ‘Your Next Prez’ on youtube! Will we ever get to see any more of VOTE! ?
There is a production of VOTE! that is rehearsing in The New York Fringe Festival as we speak. I'm in LA, so am obvs not involved as Muffin, but I have become a Producer on the project. If you're in New York, you should go see it. Also, sidenote, you should go see "The Green Manifesto," at the Fringe.
from anonymous:

Will there be any more episodes of 'Flirt'?
None planned as of now.

What projects are you currently involved in?
I'm developing a few things, reading lots of scripts, consulting, just got the new website up, auditioning, etc etc.

What are your favourite books and films?
I'm reading AM Homes "In a Country of Mothers." Riese tells me to read more books. Films: LOTS! When Harry Met Sally, Big Business, Gone with the Wind, Drop Dead Gorgeous...

What advice would you give to the 17 year old Haviland?
Stop worrying so much!

What time do you get up in the morning?
WAY too early.

You are in amazing shape. If it's not too personal, I was wondering how you eat to maintain your weight and what your workout plan is like?
I try to take care of my brain. When you read my memoir one day, you'll know the full answer to this (ha) but I can tell you I try and eat to stay healthy, and I do cardio, yoga and light weights.

What was the last text you sent/received?
Sent: do you need anything?
Received: no thank you!

Which movie stars do you have crushes on?
I don't!

What are some of your favourite things!
Performing, validation, the beach, bicycles and rollerskates, and the feeling of bliss.
from anonymous:

how hard in your opinion is it to 'make it' in LA?
It depends on what your definition of "making it" is.
from Kate:

Do you think Lindsay Lohan will manage to make a comeback?



Anonymous said...

two things:
1) "and don't EVER talk negatively about another woman's body." I'm so ridiculously happy you said this. That is by far one of the biggest turn-offs for me in anyone. As a friend or otherwise. It's just so rude, passive-aggressive and unnecessary.

2) I love that the "label" on this entry includes "and i am telling you." Ha.

Nicole said...

This was a really interesting read. What a gorgeous, intelligent woman.

Sophie said...

Amazing and really interesting answers thank you! also thanks for the answers about alcohol - I have the same conversation approx every 3 weeks with my flatmate about why I don't drink. I love her dearly, but it gets a bit hard repeatedly explaining why. She doesn't really get it, and is sceptical that I actually have as good a time sober as drunk, even when I've been dancing away beside her!Also, no hangovers yayyy.

The Brooklyn Boy said...

Regulate is pretty much a rap classic. I might know all the words. And try to keep up with both parts, even though it's two different people on the track. Something like that.

Anonymous said...

Haviland Stillwell Gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Haviland seems like such an empowered woman and a great example. I wish I'd had someone like her to look to when I was growing up.

vickie said...

Marry me? It's legal where I live.

Haviland said...


karmen: i really do feel strongly about that point, and also, i love that riese quoted dreamgirls. obvs.

nicole: ::blushing::

sophie: stay strong, sober girl! isn't it fun to be aware of your surroundings at all times? :)

Bklyn Boy: I love that the item that you found most comment-worthy in this was my Warren G shout out. Regulators, mount up.

Anonymous: anonymous awesome

Anonymous: be that for someone you know now! pay it fwd etc...

vickie: maybe some day! ;)

B said...

I for one can't wait for that memoir, keep on keeping on haviland :) xxx

Cathy said...

Thanks for your comment about how you deal with people doubting your sexuality. It's nice to hear from someone who's clearly learned a lot. I get the "you look so straight" comment ALL the time, and I'm not in a place yet in which i can just brush it off. It doesn't change how i feel about myself, but it makes me wonder if i should look 'gayer' and what 'looking gayer' even means.... and then ashamed of even considering changing who I am to make other people more comfortable. It's all rather confusing, and I can't wait till I'm at the place where you seem to be :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about covering 'Hey Eugene' by Pink Martini? What do you think about the girls who upload song request videos of themselves on youtube?

cassie said...

What has this thread got to do with autowin? It's kind of random. Shouldn't it be on autostraddle?