Saturday, December 09, 2006

The L Word Season Three, Episode 3 Recap on Automatic Straddle Blog

I guess everyone was on their period this week because there was no fucking, just bitching.

The opening of course involves some sexual activity, but it takes place in 1984 (in Sublimity, Oregon) and therefore is exempt from the period theory, and also because it involves nuns, and nuns don't have periods, because of Jesus.

Lesbian "Sex" Moment #6: I'm Starting to Feel Like "Dedicating yourself to a life of celibacy for the church and for Jesus" is code for "Gay."
The Players: Agatha and Toni
The Pick-Up: No words required--Toni spies the "Lesbian Nuns: Breaking the Silence" book that her seat-mate is hiding underneath a less conspicuous title. I can totally relate because 1: I hid "Pomosexuals" and "Real Live Nude Girl" by doing some serious spine-bending on the subway, 2: Once I picked up talked to gaped at a girl reading "Rubyfruit Jungle" on the subway.
Hot or Not?: HOT. Reminds me of: 1. Reese Witherspoon's orgasm on the roller coaster in Fear.
2. Our 6th grade trip to Washington DC on the Indian Trails Bus, if I had gotten any.

As of last week's episode, I was totally a lesbian, (Kinsey 6, y'all), and I'm confident with that decision. Then the theme song begins it's assault on my ears and the descent begins. Obviously A.M Homes did not write this episode.

Lesbian Squabble #5: The Political is Personal
In the Ring: Bette and Tina. Duh.
So, the gallery or whatever that Bette works for has lost it's NEA grant because of "fucking McCarthyism."
Tina:"Are you gonna lose your stipend? We have to let go of Angus. We couldn't afford him before you lost your funding. You're going to have to get real about your finances or we're going to be completely wiped out."
Bette: "Thank you for laying your petty bourgeois anxiety on top of my already profound anger and disappointment over losing something that means so much to me."

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