Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunday Top Topping and New York City Pride Week

Although NYC Pride embraces many of my least favorite things -- sweltering summer heat & drip-dropping human sweat, street parades, mid-afternoon beer consumption, live play-outs of OurChart cosmology -- and although Flag Day puts up a good fight -- Pride remains hands-down totes my favorite holiday. My personal Pride memories range from fantastic & surprising to harrowing & cataclysmal, but I remain a stalwart believer in Pride's potential for excellence. If nothing else, it offers Dani Campbell a chance to host yet another event, probs event #345 on her illustrious promotional resume, which's been building steadily since she failed to win a shot at love with Tila Tequila. Also, I officially loathe Tila Tequila now, I can't even joke about it anymore. She's just really a gross excuse for a human being. She has a great opportunity as a Vietnamese woman and "a bisexual" to make changes w/r/t visibility and understanding, and instead she's running around in a bikini and announcing on a television awards show that she "still doesn't know if she likes boys or girls!" I thought that bisexuality meant liking boys and girls ... you fall in love with a person, not a gender, you don't have to 'choose' ... whatever.

Anyhow! Pride! Despite my aforementioned affections, if it's 140 degrees outside during the parade, I'm gonna whine and bitch until someone transports me to a walk-in freezer and feeds me Creamsicles (NOT sugar-free, please, I prefer to my cancer in the form of a stunning golden tan, not sugar substitutes). Also, since transitioning to the lifestyle, I've yet to actually make it to the parade 'cause usually I go out the night before and then sleep all morning. I know, crazy, Pride makes me into a different person. A person surprisingly tolerant of crowds and polo shirts.

A selection of New York City Pride 2008 Events:
Friday, June 27th:
Girl Nation Downtown @ Stonewall - 10 pm
Showstopper @ Blvd - 199 Bowery (@Rivington) - 10 pm
Shescape - Mannhatta (310 Bowery between Prince & Spring) - 10pm
Remix Fridays at Club Remix (24 Murray Street, between Church & Bway) - 10pm

Saturday, June 28th:
Dyke March - 5:00 PM - finish - W.42nd street and 6th Avenue (Bryant Park)
Lovergirl NYC @ Cache (West 46th between 7th and 8th) and
Lovergirl NC Pride Extravanganza @ Pacha - 618 West 46th, between 11th & 12th.
GirlNation @ Nation (West 45th street, between 6th and 5th)
Under the Sea @ Cattyshack (249 4th Avenue, Brooklyn)
Heritage of Pride's Rapture on the River @ Pier 54 6pm - 11pm (must buy tickets in advance online)

Sunday, June 29, 2008:
Pride March: Noon -End
  • Moment of Silence : 2 PM
  • Dykes on Bikes: 11 am
  • 5th Avenue & 52nd street to Christopher & Greenwich.
  • Grand Marshalled by Candis Cayne, who you may remember from our New Now Next video.
Pridefest - Annual LGBT Street Fair -- 11am - 7pm (Hudson Street, Abingdon & W. 14th) Starlette Sunday @ Angels and Kings (500 E. 11th, between Avenue A &B)

In honour of pride, this week's Sunday Top 10 is actually a Gay-Themed Top 20 ... and is actually hosted on Auto-Straddle -- so go there and see it! -- 'cause clearly Autowin is a very intellectual and highly cultivated space for intellectual discussions about Virginia Woolf, The Allegory of the Cave, Boy-briefs vs. thongs and sophisticated feminist theory. Auto-Straddle is where I do other things, like talk about my top 20 most favorite fictional lesbians from (relatively) mainstream pop culture. I like how I make the category all specific for myself. I think eventually I'll develop Multiple Personality Disorder, which according to a recent episode of Law & Order starring (lesbian!) Cynthia Nixon (bringing it back around!), doesn't actually exist. Howevs, if it does, I hope that my personalities are named "Desmond" and Molly, from the Beatles song Ob-li-di-ob-la-da.


Anonymous said...

i'm so going to Girl Nation Downtown.

eric mathew said...

pride week would be so much fun. have a blast. stay cool. lots of h20 remember you are hotter than you think.

the top 20... wow. i just love my fictional gay women. of course i am uber happy you put joanne and maureen (even though idina's tony dress this year was ehh..i can forgive). but i'm a cheerleader, i mean that goes without saying and of course ellen morgan. that show was so good. i remember watching it like when i was 5 or maybe 10 who knows but i enjoyed it... probs explains a lot.

ronnie and i want to teach a GLBT cinema studies class, we were coming up with our curriculum the other day... so many movies so little time.

Bren said...

The use of quotes to refer to Tila Tequila as “a bisexual” made my day.

Anonymous said...

Sunday (but really Monday) Top 3 Reasons Why I Heart This Post:
1. Tila Tequila commentary. I couldn't agree with you more and she should be ashamed of herself.
2. Flag day reference! One of my favorite holiday's to unneccesarily celebrate!
3. Beatles reference at the end. You stole my heart.


caitlin said...

tila tequilla is responsible for gay marriage being passed in california. true story.

riese said...

dave lozo: That is a really good choice.

eric: I sure hope I'm hotter than I think. Wheee! I loved Ellen so much but the gay thing didn't start happening until I was away at boarding school. and i came back and the whole world had changed.

so many movies, so little time. watch the celluloid closet, that documenteary is a good place to start. If you haven't already.

bren: holla!

aw, top 3 reasons why i heart mindy is 'cause mindy hearts me for her top 3 reasons of why she hearts this blog. oblidi ob-la-da-life goes on braaaa! oh im sleepy.

caitlin - long time no see! tila tequila should be vice president to obama, that'd be some funn stuff. i'm still awake, waaa.