Sunday, May 14, 2006

I'll Buy You a Hat From New Orleans, and in The Morning You Can Tell Me Your Dreams

Today, my Mom, my Aunt Connie and I* went to see my brother, Lewis Jacob Lyn Bernard [google that, bitches!!!!] graduate from Tulane, which is in the City of New Orleans, like the song "City of New Orleans." I was reminded of Hogwarts [again, projecting here, as I only read the first Harry Potter book and haven't seen any of the movies] where the students are granted a magic wand and like, flying pants or whatever, except instead of the magic wand, Lewis Jacob Lyn Bernard received a degree in a useful subject [Mechanical Engineering, which I think has something to do with Legos] and a job [again, Legos?]!

This makes Lewis more successful than most people I know, including myself. Also, Lewis and I used to make great Lego movies about people who lived underwater and/or in outer space, which was probably like, super-inspirational for him.

Speaking of super-inspirational ... not only did I get to see my favorite president, the ever-so-sexy BILL CLINTON, at the Tulane Commencement ... [you can see how inspired Connie and I are in the accompanying photographs] ...

... BUT there was a surprise visit by ELLEN!!!! I stood up to cheer like a wild maniac, and I totally thought the girl two seats down from me [suspiciously reading Rainbow High] would stand up too but she didn't. Maybe she didn't want to associate with me because, due to extreme air conditioning, I had recently added striped leggings to my stellar outfit [Lo's dress and my torn-up Chuck Taylors], which I put on under my dress during the National Anthem. Take that, you Splatter Painted Star Spangled Banner. It was HOT!

ELLEN was the most AWESOME thing to ever happen in the history of graduation ceremonies, which, as Willie said, is like being the fastest car in a New York traffic jam, but trust me it was AWESOME.

I took a lot of those photos of the stage that people take from thirty miles away where you can't see anything, but I won't post them, 'cause that'd be mean and also silly. Instead, here is a photo in front of a pretty building with my Aunt Connie, me and Lewis. Lewis and I were wearing matching shirts so Mom wouldn't lose us in a crowd.

I mean, whoops! I'm confusing yesterday with 1986-1991, when we had matching terry-cloth short-tank ensembles so Mom wouldn't lose us in a crowd.

So, it's 1:17 AM in New Orleans. Mom is sleeping, Aunt Connie is sleeping. I slept a little earlier when I was supposed to be at The Party, because I accidentally fell asleep while someone (Mom) was (sort of) watching Mad About You, which is Boring. I think I got lethargic/sleepy on the ride back to the hotel, and by "ride back" I mean "getting lost," and by "getting lost" I mean "getting lost again."

This one's for all my babies back home in the Big know how I always "ruin"/TOTALLY ROCK photos with my "goofy"/AWESOME facial expressions? Well, uh, yeah.

*I know that it's "I" and not "me" because I have a degree in English, which is useful for things like talking about yourself on the internet.


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Lew said...

this is molly posing as Lew. Twelve years later, and he still makes all the same faces in photos. Also, I *DID* google "Lewis Jacob Lyn Bernard," which is how I cam to find this post.

We are sitting on the couch a few glasses of wine in, but this comment is still weird. I'm gonna own it.