Sunday, May 21, 2006

Six Degrees of Craigy McCraigerson

Spring 2003, Yaffa Cafe: Meg bounces on the red sticky glittery plastic of her chair and asks, Grasshopper, do you know about craigslist?

I still had another 16 months before I'd move to NYC, and I was drunk and trendy and obscenely thin, wearing the coolest Freewheelin' Sweet Marie jacket of all time, picking at vegetables and professing cross-country love to Scot via text message. No, I said.

Well, you can find a sublet there. For next summer. It's just the best!

So in May 2004, I jumped on the webbernet, like a surfer surfing real live waves, and I took a ride on the information superhighway, like driving a train on the tracks, and I put an ad on craigslist and I found, easily, Lindsay and her four month West Village sublet. I lived there 'til Krista moved out here in September.

So last week, when Lewis asked me if I knew about craigslist [it related to a story, I think, probably about legos], I was like, "Yeah, DUH! Like, I owe them my whole life."

Then I realized...fuck...I owe them my whole life!

Which made me feel like the biggest dork ever. I am, though, and I'm at peace with that.

Click on this to make it bigger (it's like The Chart, sort of, but without Alice being so cute in her little glasses):


Nicoel said...

Very interesting.

If my sugar daddy plan works out, I too, will owe my life to craigslist

Lizzie said...

I wish I could find a job on CL! Or anywhere... I think, though, that it's significantly easier to wind up owing your life to craigslist in New York than it is in Michigan. There are pretty much no good jobs, so sugar daddies, no interesting events, and no cars worth purchasing on Ann Arbor craigslist. And believe me, I've looked for all those things a number of times. But there are a lot of phone sex operators, and a lot of college students looking for NSA (free/unpaid) "stress relief." So there's that.

Betty said...

I met a lot of my friends on craigslist my first year and they are all normal!

riese said...

CL: Bringing under-paid and over-educated young ladies and desperately lonely/awkward over-paid old men together for "mutually beneficial arrangements" since 2002.

And re: Phone Sex...
Very underrated.
Some of us do it for free, you know.

I feel that perhaps Ann Arbor CL struggles because Ann Arbor has a lot of actual bullentin boards. You know, the physical kind that require the usage of tangible things like thumb-tacks and flyers and stuff? Like, at the Food Co-Op and the Student Union and all those real live places? Maybe?

riese said...

And Fiesty--yeah, so did I! I think it's changing now. It's super-easy to find web-cam photos of people (who often resemble, just a little bit--the michelin man) looking to have various body parts of theirs (or yours) licked/sucked/"teased"/"massaged," but not as easy to find cool people who actually want to hang out with their clothes on (at least at first) as it was back when I was a young girl (aka last year). But love still blossoms on craigslist, I say as I sit here with my smokin' hot friend who met her wonderful boyfriend on craigslist.

And, as a fellow midwestern-new-york-transport-who-drinks-too-much: I love your blog a lot. I directed fifty of my favorite people (who hadn't already seen the link on gawker) to the shady-text messaging post. You're awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the kind words, and good luck with the post college ennui!


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