Friday, February 06, 2009

Hard Core Superstar by far You're the Ultimate VLOG

Hi! I made a video. It's got outtakes from Alexi's Closet Episode 14 and more footage from my big trip to Hollywood to visit Rising Star Haviland Stillwell AND a special vlog retrospective. Though leaving YouTube is impractical considering all I've already got on there, I'm still on the edges of my seatpants waiting to see if they'll continue muting my videos or not and I thought now would be a good time to explore vimeo.

Actually our internet is terrible right now, so if I wanted to upload a video to YouTube it probs wouldn't finish loading 'til St.Patrick's Day.

Also Vimeo is really shiny!! I'll probs only get like 100 views, but that's cool. So watch it, LOL, and tell your friends. We discuss lots of important issues, like Tinkerbell's eating disorder, Lezberado, diabetes and per ush flying lesbains & your Mom.

Riese & Haviland (and Alexi!) Vlog #33: Super Duper Model from Riese on Vimeo.


autumn m said...

Yes hellooooooooooo!!!!! Um I love Pocahontas. And I really feel like we should all get drunk and cut our own hair. It just seems like the right thing to do. I love how Haviland was all, "I am an animal". It was amazing. And....... the last song was amazing!!!! It makes me happy every time you use a Lady GaGa song. Since I seem to have an obsession. So I feel like you should use more of her songs. Just some unwanted advice right there.

autumn m said...

FIRST!!!!! and SECOND!!!!! do i get some kind of award???

Elizabeth said...

BSC! I'm friends with a girl who played one of the older campers... And Schuyler Fisk is playing here in Chicago tonight. And I'm a nerd who wanted Schuyler to sign my BSC dvd the last time I saw her play here but I chickened out. I'm gonna go sit in the corner now.

tex said...

afterellen shirt? that's awesome.

Vashti said...

So the end of the vlog forced me to figure out how old I was when Moulin Rouge! came out.. It took a lot longer than it should have but whatever. [I was 11 for most of 2001, turned 12 in October.. just in case anyone was dying to know. HAH.]

I feel like I should have more to say about the video. But. Um. I don't?

Franké said...

Love it!

Alexi said...

Haviland, I love your constant bursting into song.
Riese, last time I checked i am NOT sitting in a tree with L.B. although that would be lovely.

...and i'm such a mumbler.

Ms. Jackson said...

i feel like those boots would come up to my waste.

also...i too am an animal. i am a tiger.


dewey said...

Were those boots Hunter welllies?? It may sound realy sad but doing environmental stuff means i do a lot of walking around in muddy fields and i would love a pair of hunter wellies. They're really expensive over here though. I think its because they make the Wellingtons for the Queen.


Duck said...

I have nothing intresting to say so I say this: Take the brocolli, leave my dignity. I don't get hamsters too.
Now I feel like making a song about the pointlesness of hamsters, you know, Haviland style.

urg, my brain hurts.

Anonymous said...

i wish you could get your youtube account to auto re-direct to vimeo, i hope katlitter makes the switch. great job editing, i love how alexi just fully ignores all of your crazy talk.

Ms. Jackson said...

ummmm...i obvs meant to write waist. i'm blaming that on the chardonnay.

riese said...

autumn: I'm related to Pochantas, perhaps you sensed that from reading me and that's why you enjoy my blog. I love Lady GaGa because as far as I know she's not persecuting people on YouTube for using her music. yet?

Elizabeth: You have to ask her, you just have to. Get out of your corner and take that DVD straight up to her.

tex: Oh yeah, gift from carlytron. Funny that no-one noticed that on afterellen.

vashti: you're a baby, I should be in a nursing home.

Frankè: Thanks!

Alexi: Dude just go sit in the tree right now and let me know if anyone else is in there. I have a feeling she's there.

Ms.Jackson: I think that those boots would come up to your waste too, you tiger!

dewey: haaiiiii! I don't know what kinds of boots they are. Maybe Alexi wold better answer that question. I will have to ask her. They are serous I just wear chuck taylors. look, what if i gave actual fashion advice? that would be a first for me.

Duck: Hello dyke duck. I'm pleased to see you've come here to me all the way from Fuck You Penguin. Holler.

Anonymous: I know right? I don't know how to do that. There is no way to do that. I wish that Katlitter lived with us so I could just be like whats up katitter, i'm on vimeo, wanna smoke some pot with me, and then we probs would and make a little movie.

ms.jackson: I blame ilene chaiken.

Anonymous said...

i like it when people recap the video i saw 2 seconds ago in the comments section. always good to know we're seeing the same thing.

a. said...

Why must I always comment on this blog whilst drunk?
Sigh... and why must my typing and grammar always work out during such posts? I blame Ilene.

Anonymous said...

Riese! You were in my dream the other night! Don't worry, it was 'that' kind of dream..
It just proves that I have been watching your vlogs too much in the recent weeks :)
This was another great one and I have to admit that when Hav sang that lezberado song, wow, hotness.

Peace, love and Rachel Shelley,
SA anon

Robin said...

You are so invited to join my blog carnival for freedom to marry week.

riese said...

Karmen; me too, that also makes it easy to weed out the dicksucking videos from the cocksucking videos.

a. Possibly because I always write this blog whilst drunk? Blaming Ilene is a safe bet though.

SA anon: YES! I love being in people's dreams. It's even better when it's that kind of dream. Well unless it's a bad dream but that usually only comes from people I know.

Robin: Are there rides? Prizes? Cotton candy? I like elephant ears.