Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday AutoFun Day - 2.20.09

Guess what I won a contest! That's right, memememememe! Why did I win? Because my blog is better than all the other blogs in the world, except for Margaret & Helen. No, because of YOU! That's right, youyouyouyou! Thank you for voting once, twice, three times a lady. Thanks to my guest-poster Grace the Spot, who managed to win at least one legislative branch of the lesbian empire with Humor, and to the other two personal blog people Peaches & Coconuts and A Brown Girl Gone Gay, and congratulations to all the winners: Lesbian Dad, Sugarbutch, Dorothy Surrenders, Pam's House Blend, and Just Eat Your Cupcake. 

I am very excitant to have won a contest, next stop The Nobel Peace Prize, which has always been a dream of mine. Krista asked, "What do you get? A golden vagina?" and imagining that trophy was glorious. All in all, I was the blogger with the second-highest per-category votes of anyone so that was pretty cool. Basically to make a long story short, the only way I can win any contest in the future is if we off Dorothy. I don't even know what showmance means. Ilene Chaiken, don't steal that idea.

Quote: "So in America when the sun goes down and I sit on the old brokendown river pier watching the long, long skies over New Jersey and sense all that raw land that rolls in one unbelievable huge bulge over to the West Coast, all that road going, all the people dreaming in the immensity of it, and in Iowa I know by now the evening-star must be drooping and shedding her sparkler dims on the prairie, which is just before the coming of complete night that blesses the earth, darkens all rivers, cups the peaks in the west and folds the last and final shore in, and nobody, just nobody knows what's going to happen to anybody besides the forlorn rags of growing old, I think of Neal Cassady, I even think of Old Neal Cassady the father we never found, I think of Neal Cassady, I think of Neal Cassady." (Jack Kerouac, On the Road)

- Just like we said when we made our Autowin 'zine : The Zine Lives - the 90s aren't as dead as you think .
- I Look So Alone, I Get Obvious
- He fairs much better than Sarah Pain - Diagramming the Obama Sentence .
- Joaquin Phoenix is not alone - Seven Great Talk Show Trainwrecks @The Daily Beast.
- Twentysomethings love Barack and Michelle -- "the millenials' dream couple."
- Jessie Spano - Friend or Foe ?
- From The New Scientist -- students do better when they listened to a podcast of the lecture rather than attending.
- I don't know why I want to see this, I just know that I do . Maybe I can babysit my way to Sesame Street.
- Commentary for the DVD of ""He's Just Not That Into You" from the writer of "The Wire" David Simon, at McSweeney's
- Read this and tell me if you thought it was bizarre that the author never once questioned the capatlist value system being played out by the protagonist.
- "A Note " for Facebook on CollegeHumor: "1. I Hate Facebook Notes."

insomnia poem #24

do you remember that part
in "the breakfast club"
lens-shooting circles
The Brain says "It's like you're outside
looking in on yourself,"
He says that or something like that.

He has a lisp or something.
Somewhere between tongue and teeth
a word got lost, a heart got tossed
and now who's the boss

I was outside looking in on myself
shooting circle-shaped stars
my hand in hers,
the way we move forward
the way we never change.

The gun and the bird
what will it be like now
without the word


Leah said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even read the blog yet, I just saw that you won.

On to the blog.

Leah said...

Oh I see why I'm first again for the 2nd time this week...I am on West Coast time which means you stay up/post freakishly late, which is not freakishly late for me. Make sense.

West coast, biotches.


Vashti said...

Holla west coast!

Anyways, hell yeah the zine still lives. Exhibit A: your classy golden zine of wonderful insomnia poems and awesome. Exhibit B: the zine my friend and I made that has no content [except for one newspaper blackout poem] but is just nice to look at. [Did I ever show you what it looked like? Here it is in case I didn't.]

RAMBLE RAMBLE RAMBLE - it's what I do. [I finally partook-taked-yes in thirsty thursday activities tonight].

I need you to send me an address of sorts so I can send you wonderful arts and crafts aka mah zine. Unless you want me to just send Alex your copy too. Cuz I can do that too no biggy.

Meghan said...

YES Auto Win.

I like all of these auto-fun links quite a bit, esp the McSweeneys one. Thanks.

rainbow mountain blend said...

Wow, you killed it. What a blowout!!

Anonymous said...

so many of my shared items are auto fun. yay. congrats on the win, i'm so happy to see the winner button, i hate second place. love! said...

LOL -- congrats kiddo.

p.s. Margaret and Helen are frickin' awesome. :)

JD said...

Congrats! Long (ok, kinda long) overdue!
I have taken a hiatus from commenting for no specific reason besides being freakishly busy but still voted (priorities, priorities).

Anonymous said...

Woot! Congrats. (=

W/r/t Sesame Street love, would you be interested in stalking Joan Ganz Cooney with me?

laura said...

yayyyyy for winning!

Haviland Stillwell said...

congrats to riesling, and bravo to all the auto-winners!

autumn m said...

ummmm yay. im so super happy you won. but i really think you should go back and listen to the podcast of that show. because i cant describe it for the life of me. i think you should just experience it.

Anonymous said...

I meant to comment sooner, but uhhhhh...something came

Just kidding...

Congrats to you.

Barbara said...

AUTOCONGRATS FOR THE AUTOWIN! I like your writing. I just have this weird feeling that you'd never be nominated for a Razzie Award for "Worst Screenplay" or whatevs.

stephanie said...

congratulations! i can't imagine how many readers you must have at this point!! enjoy.