Monday, November 17, 2008

If Looks Could Kill, Your Other Mother Would Be Dead (Season Six from Autostraddle)

As you know, although we're all presently alive, we will one day be dead as doornails. Some earlier than others; e.g., Dana Fairbanks, who came down with a mean case of Chaiken Cancer two years ago and died almost instantly. We'll always remember Dana as a victim of The L Word's effort to kill & gut & emotionally manipulate its most loyal fans. There's a new Season Six promo that suggests with trademark beating-a-dead-horse-isms that someone will be killed this season. "If looks could kill," the smarmy voice over woman deadpans ... "this season the killer looks are not about beauty" ... "look out for a killer season of The L Word ..." Either this means a guest spot by The Killers (which'd be fitting, as "Read my Mind" is the best song to do the Leisha Hailey dance to), or it means one of Papi's bitches is gonna come back for some old-fashioned justice. Who will it be?

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