Saturday, April 28, 2007

New Leaf, Sunrise/Sundial

I'm allowed to do this now, so I must, immediately, as it has only recently become my right and I am giddy with freedom and promise:

Blog-to-reassure-everyone will come tomorrow. Right now, we're taking a long nap. In my brand new Tommy Hilfiger sheets!!! They are so soft, heather grey with red trim. Just in time to take them off and moveeeee! I haven't slept in forever-ever. Go St. Luke's Hospital--we had a time.

She's alive, y'all. And totes just kidding about lighting herself on fire. HILARIOUS, RIGHT? (right.)

Details in the Sunday Top Ten.


Naila said...

Tara is so stupendous/arresting looking,like and I hate to be intrusive, but what genetic mix has produced this? I mean, technically I'm a quarter Spanish and a quarter Egyptian, and all I got was a freckled English skin. I'd love to know where those looks come from. You two complement each other well lookwise. My BF is freckly too, meaning I'm some kind of fucking twin-seeking French flying Lover.

riese said...

Arresting indeed....the literary irony here is INCREDIBLE.

I'm like, Jewish and Native American (oppression soup) and German or Quaker or something, and all I got was freckled English skin too.

But Tara is Philipino and Thai. It works. :)

NY Radical said...


"Philipino" = "Filipina"! Waa!

Anyhow, can't wait for the Sunday Top Ten. Hooray.


Anonymous said...

W.T.F. ?

riese said...

re: the "W" in W.T.F.

t.b.'s long had a no-photos-of-me-anywhere-ever policy, so I'm celebrating the end of that policy.

also, she thinks i'm a weirdo and that i spelled fylipeeno wrong.

Laia said...

we celebrate that she changed policy. you guys must look wonderful together!

(tb's policy had no sense, she is cute. why hiding?)

Pike-a-dilly said...

tara doesnt want to become the face of a brand is all.

now what the fuck is her bullshit deleting everything for?

she sure is shit has lit herself on fire. fucking fill-er-up-er-peen-holes.

AK said...

Indeed worth celebrating. My soul is satiated to have the company of those eyes, that face and the bloodline of my uncolonized, matriarchal home country.

Words paved the way for the patriarchy according to Leonard Shlain's "The Alphabet Versus The Goddess", thus images are the food of the feminine principle. We wordsmiths can wield the power of both by feeding the picture brain, too.

riese said...

glen: it's all coming back, all of it! every last word! she's also totally not on fire right now. just my loins. or something. that's a weird word, right, loins?

laia: i know, right?! :--)

AK: Right on, right on right on...mixed-like-you...i'm always satiated to have satiated, word?

Link me the Shlain, yeah?

Pike-a-dilly said...

loin is an okay word 'cause its very close to lion. loni the lion has tender loins, yeah?

I can empathize with loins afire. Gotta fix that.

now im sitting here watching a crime drama and just heard someone say, "theres semen still in her vaginal cavity and the sperm is still modal so she's had sex in the last 24 hours"

why am i telling you this? it's because taras blogging is like modal sperm. or im an idiot. the latter, later.

tell tare-ah i said hi with a resolute phonetic mispronunciation of her name.

TB said...

Um. I nearly spit out my coffee when I saw this. I forgot this was here. Sigh ... I'm such a weirdo. And, I just look frightening I think. Anyhow, good morning Autowin.