Monday, February 18, 2008

Auto-Fun of the Day:: 2-18-2008

quote: "First off ... thanks to y'all and your fundamental awesomeness as people, I'm a finalist for the Greatest Lesbian Blogger Ever Award. Seriously, this's not even just about the dyke duck anymore ... if I win this, then that'll mean this year I've already won a Sweat-Drop Award and a Lesbian Blog Award, and seriously, it is not even March yet. So that'd be a pretty good sign, as far as future peace & prosperity for all humans is concerned. So between today (the 18th) and March 3rd, I need you, your mothers, lovers, friends, enemies, frenemies, annoying cats and local postal carriers to go here and vote for memememe ... or for one of the other wonderful ladies nominated for this prize, who probs deserve it too, maybe more. You decide. But also: vote or die. Just sayin' ... " (me, "This Girl Called Automatic Win")

  • Just like me, Patrice O'Neal enjoys buffets. (@NY Mag Grub Street)
  • "Was there ever a time you thought -- I am doing this on purpose. I'm fucking up and I don't know why." The consistently compelling A.M Homes (The Safety of Objects, Music For Torching, some good eps of "The L Word") has a new story, "May We Be Forgiven." (@Granta)
  • Learning to Smoke. (@Esquire)