Sunday, June 25, 2006

How Do you Replace a Lost Drivers License in Ten Minutes Flat?

This isn't the Sunday top ten.

This is a plea for help.

So, let's say--just like, totally hypothetically--you're a hot girl in the city of New York and you just lost your drivers license (it actually was probably stolen, as it was in my back pocket, and people always wanna get their palms near my ass, but that's another story) and you were traveling to Alaska and Canada in a week. Which means you kinda need your drivers license.

So say this hot girl DOES have a social security card, an expired passport and a birth certificate.

Say this girl's license was actually from Michigan even though she no longer lives in Michigan ...

What would you do?

Besides just freak out.


Babs said...

I would check to see if Michigan allowed you to order a replacement D.L. on-line and have it express mailed to you. If not then do whatever it takes to establish residency in your new state (some states make you retake the written test, some just want you to prove that you actually live there...power or water bills with your name on it and the address normally will cover you)...if you do that they normally will issue you a new license the same day. So those are my recommendations.

marie lyn bernard said...

yeah...i tried that..they are sending me a temp ID, but its only on paper. Dissapointing I've been paying some people who are hopefully not scammers hundreds of dollars to get me a passport..I guess canada is cracking down and i've been advised not to risk it without a proper photo ID. oh the ANGST! thanks for the tip though!

team gingerbread said...

Can't you guys get rushed passport applications?

It usually costs an arm and a leg, but it can be done. In canada, I think it cost like $100 more than a regular passport, but can be ready within 48 hrs